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Best Lawyers 2023

The recently announced Best Lawyers for 2023 included 19 of our New Chambers barristers. This year we had an extra 4 barristers newly listed from our list of 15 barristers last year. An impressive result.

Our four newly listed barristers are:

Geoffrey Watson SC – Insurance Law, Personal Injury and Litigation

Miles Condon SC – Trusts and Estates

Luke Livingston SC – Corporate Law and  Litigation

Courtney Ensor – Tax Law


Lawyer of the Year for 2023 is Michael Hodge QC. Michael has been listed since 2021 for  Competition Law, Litigation, Public Law and Regulatory Practice


Our recurring barristers and their respective practice areas are:

David Jackson QC (since 2008)– Alternative Dispute Resolution; Bet-The-Company Litigation; Constitutional Law and Litigation

Neil Young QC (since 2008) – Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bet-the-Company Litigation, Constitutional Law and Litigation

Adam Bell SC (since 2010) – Alternative Dispute Resolution; Banking and Finance Law; Insolvency and Reorganisation Law and Litigation

Gregory Nell SC (since 2008) – Alternative Dispute Resolution; Aviation Law; Shipping and Maritime Law, Trade Law and Transportation Law

Arthur Moses SC (since 2019) – Occupational Health and Safety Law, Public Law and Regulatory Practice

Kate Eastman SC (since 2020) – Human Rights Law, Labour and Employment Law and Occupational Health and Safety Law

David McLure SC (since 2016) – Banking and Finance Law, Class Action Litigation, Insurance Law and Litigation

David Bloom QC (since 2008) – Tax Law

Chris Peadon (since 2018)– Tax Law

Thomas Prince (since 2019) – Litigation and Tax Law

Caspar Conde (since 2020) – Class Action Litigation and Litigation

Emma Beechey (since 2020) – Insolvency and Reorganisation Law

Sonia Tame (since 2010) – Government Practice and Litigation

Michael Cosgrove (since 2021) – Tax Law

See all of our Best Lawyer listings here.

Congratulations to all our New Chambers barristers.

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